A year ago we said Bill Clinton’s affairs were still an issue.

It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

First Trump brought it up and today (1/3/2016) one of New Hampshire’s GOP lawmakers brought it up during Hillary’s campaign visit to Derry. Bill Clinton’s affairs are still on the minds of a lot of voters old enough to remember.

Having lived in New Hampshire for 30+ years, I can vouch for the fact that the state’s legislature is much too large, which means too many weird people get to play politics or just generally make asses of themselves in public. That’s what Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, a GOP legislator from Rockingham did today. She made an ass of herself. Unfortunately, many voters have similar questions about Hillary’s public response to Bill Clinton’s affairs.

CNN reported that “O’Brien’s shouts were inaudible to most in the audience because a chorus of Clinton supporters repeatedly booed her, but after the event, the lawmaker said she was trying to ask the 2016 candidate about her husband’s sexual impropriety decades ago.”

We all knew this day would come and we should expect more circus events like O’Brien’s in the months ahead. The best that can be said is that Hillary knew this was going to come up during the campaign and handled it by shutting down the questioner.

About a year ago I wrote a post for the Hillary Clinton Quarterly about Bill’s affairs and pointed out that our public recollection of the impeachment hearings and his pathetic testimony was not going away. Certainly not during Hillary’s presidential campaign.

To save you the trouble of looking up the story, here is what I wrote:

Bill Clinton’s Affairs are Still an Issue

I wish I could forget about Monica Lewinsky, the stained blue dress, the cigars, and BJs in the White House.

By and large, I was pretty happy with the Clinton Administration. After decades of mental abuse at the hands of Reagan and Bush Sr., it was a relief to have a president that I agreed with on most policy issues. Then there was the Hillary Factor — for me, obviously, another plus.

Then I read today the story of Genarlow Wilson, a young man serving 10 years in prison for having oral sex with a girl when they were teenagers.

According to the AP story, what Wilson did was against Georgia law. They have since changed the law, but at the time he committed the nasty deed, Georgia said it was a felony for teens to have consensual sex.

Now they want to release Wilson, but D.A. David McDade has released a video of Wilson having oral sex with a 15 year-old and intercourse with another teen at a New Year’s Eve party. Some are accusing McDade of distributing child pornography because the participants are underaged.

I am writing about Wilson not just because his case is troubling in its own right; I am bringing this up because it makes me think of Bill Clinton.

Consider this: Georgia sentenced a teen to 10 years in prison for a sexual act that Bill Clinton also committed in the White House. Sure, Monica was not a minor and was a very willing participant. But that’s besides the point. What’s relevant during this presidential season is that other voters will make a similar connection to Bill Clinton every time they read a story like the one about Wilson. And that’s not good news for Hillary.

Like many with my political beliefs, I have tried to forget about all this. “Bad judgment” is how I have excused Bill Clinton’s affairs. Pardoning him that way is easy when you look at his successor, who has shown such bad judgment on so many issues of far greater consequence.

Still, the images of Bill Clinton’s disgraceful behavior in the White House just won’t go away.

The most famous quotation from Bill Clinton’s presidency won’t be about health care, or Bosnia, or Iraq, or the economy. It will be the lie he told a national audience on January 28, 1998, when he said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”


Sanders campaign tainted by dirty tricks.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver
Would you buy a used car from this man?

Last night I used the word “capitulate” to describe the response the DNC would have to the Sanders campaign lawsuit concerning the voter file data breach.

Funny, but that is precisely the word Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, used to describe the DNC’s about-face. Its first reaction was to cutoff the campaign’s access to the database until the campaign came clean about what it did, Sanders sued, and the DNC “capitulated” and reinstated access.

The Washington Post described Weaver’s reaction to the campaign victory this way —

In its statement, the Sanders campaign claimed the DNC had “capitulated” and committed an “about face” on a punishment that the Sanders team characterized as far over-reaching.

Since that initial reaction from Weaver, he has appeared on several news shows and is essentially blaming the DNC for the fact that his campaign staff stole Clinton voter files. Lawyers for the Sanders campaign alleged that the DNC “failed to implement reasonable data security measures.” I liked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s explanation of Weaver’s excuse: it’s as if you left the front door of your house open, so it’s OK if someone walks in and started stealing things.

Hillary’s campaign had a different take on the bungled database burglary.  “This was not an inadvertent glimpse into our data and it was not, as the Sanders campaign has described it, a mistake,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in a press call with reporters Friday afternoon.

The Huffington Post reports that audits of the NGP VAN program show that four accounts linked to Sanders made 24 separate efforts to save the Clinton data within the system and one effort to export the data to a spreadsheet.  Clinton’s press secretary tweeted after Sanders’ suit was filed that “if you are so proud of your grassroots organization, you should not need to resort to stealing campaign data.”

No matter how severe this crisis becomes two things are clear:

    1. The Sanders campaign is run by thieves and thugs and Jeff Weaver is its ringleader. Like many of Sanders’ supporters, Weaver will do anything, even “dirty tricks,” in order to win. It must also be acknowledged that Weaver was chosen by Bernie Sanders. That Sanders would put his “transformative” campaign in the hands of someone like Weaver tells us much about Sanders. He doesn’t know how to lead, and — as the saying goes — the fish rots from the head. He knew more about this than anyone, even the DNC, wants to admit.
    2. Sanders is losing and he will continue to dig an even deeper hole for himself. The Socialist party in the US disowned him, he comes from a lilly-white state and has no clue about minority issues (and no foreign policy experience either, it should be noted), he’s old, unattractive, and looks like a madman when he gives campaign speeches. We can now add Sandersgate to his list of deficits.

If Sanders had any dignity and really cared about America’s workers, he should first fire Jeff Weaver and then end his charade as a candidate. Only foolish, angry children are buying what he is selling.


Sanders’ supporters need to grow up and take their medicine.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said Sanders staffers needed to be “held accountable” for accessing the data and that campaign would not regain access to the system until it agrees to participate in an independent audit and provides a full accounting of the incident.

“I’m baffled that they haven’t provided it,” she said.

“Certainly the vendor made a mistake. But people make mistakes leaving their front door unlocked also. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to go into their house and steal — and take — their stuff — which is what their campaign staff essentially did,” she added.

The Washington Post, 12/18/15

Since this story is all over the media, I’ll be brief:

  1. If Hillary’s campaign had done the same thing, the Sanders team and his supporters would be asking the Justice Department to file Federal racketeering charges against Hillary.
  2. Is anyone surprised that Sanders’ supporters — mostly whiny, over-privileged kids — are now complaining that the process is “rigged?” Moveon.org already has a petition out there and no doubt there will be street protests soon enough if the DNC doesn’t capitulate and give Sanders Hillary’s voting list.

As Wasserman-Schultz explains, no one in the Sanders campaign has yet to offer any accounting of what they believe really happened. My guess is that they won’t until forced to do so.

They cheated, they got caught, and now they want to be thanked for showing the DNC how vulnerable it is to cheaters.