Hillary Clinton at Benghazi hearing.

GOP senators gang up on Hillary over Benghazi.

We knew it was going to be a rough day for Secretary of State Clinton. What we did not expect was the harshness of the partisan sucker-punches that conservative Republicans would throw at Hillary during her appearance today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

We listened incredulously as the ever-flaky Rand Paul said that he would have fired Hillary over the way she handled the Benghazi attack. We listened and yawned while the chronically cranky John McCain once again lamented how “unsatisfied” he was with State Department  explanations of what had happened.

The worst of it came from Ron Johnson, the quintessential Tea Party Sunday morning quarterback, who over and over pressed the Secretary about making a phone call to Benghazi to “find out what was really happening.”

If nothing else, these exchanges prove that members of the Senate live in an unreal world and are the least accountable branch of the U.S. government. The president has to face re-election every four years, representatives every two, and even the justices at the Supreme Court are publicly held accountable for their rulings and either agree or dissent from an opinion.

But the insular Senate gives people like Johnson, McCain, and Paul every opportunity to offer their opinions without being held accountable for them — at least for six years.

Hillary Clinton did well today, all things considered. Her “what’s the point today?” remark about finding fault with the Administration’s initial characterization of the attack was appropriate and to the point.
CNN Report on Benghazi hearing.

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