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Far-left Democrats still out to destroy Hillary.

Following the same “Anyone But Hillary” strategy they used in 2008, far-left Democrats are still trying to get even with Hillary for voting for the Iraq war and not being liberal enough.

If we consider the declared candidates and non-candidates like Elizabeth Warren, when they say Hillary has “too much baggage,” they don’t just mean the various Clinton scandals. They mean her policies, her votes, her personal beliefs, the track record of political inclusion that sometimes requires compromise with the opposition. They literally can’t stomach her and will do anything to stop her.

Eight years have changed Barack Obama’s political game, but many of his supporters from 2008 have not. Remember that “1984” anti-Hillary ad? Presumably, the President would not approve of such an outrageous attack on the former First Lady, but he did back in 2008. The ad was not just about a policy disagreement. It was a personal attack on Hillary the person and everything she believed in.

Here is the ad again in case you need a refresher:

There’s a connection between the “1984 video” and the current far left campaign to smear Hillary. Blue State Digital, the company that employed the person who created the anti-Hillary “1984 video,” was founded by a group of anti-war activists who worked on the Howard Dean 2004 campaign.

As previously noted on the company’s web site:

“The partners of Blue State Digital – Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Clay Johnson, Joe Rospars and Ben Self – started the company immediately after working for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004. Since then, the company has grown to 22 employees with offices in Boston and Washington, D.C. and works with over 40 clients – including Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) campaign, Gov. Tom Vilsack’s (D-Iowa) PAC — Heartland PAC, the AFL-CIO, the DNC and the Democratic Governors Association.”

Although the company released a statement distancing itself from the video’s creator, Phillip de Vellis, clearly there was an anti-Hillary Clinton, anti-war fervor within the company that fed into de Vellis’ warped view of then-Senator Clinton as “Big Brother.” Ultimately, the company — and Barack Obama — were responsible for their role as “enablers” of de Vellis and for encouraging and promoting such extreme anti-war positions.

A viewing of the 1984 video would suggest that de Vellis takes himself and his views very seriously. However, in a comic understatement, his reaction after being fired by Blue State Digital was that the incident “changed the trajectory of my career.”

And, in an apparent effort to rebuild the bridges that were quickly burning behind him, he offered his support to Hillary Clinton and vowed to vote for her if she won the nomination.

Perhaps playing seer for this controversy, Blue State Digital co-founder Clay Johnson said in a round-table discussion entitled “Net Politics: the Internet Can Make You President” — “The thing that scares the crap out of me are the camera phone and YouTube. They are going to be the death of a candidate. ”

Or a video producer.

Our advice here at HCQ is to keep an eye on what the far left Democrats (so-called progressives) are doing to keep Hillary out of the White House. In 2008 they helped defeat her in the Democratic primaries. In 2015 they’re still trying to destroy her political career.

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