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Comparing Hillary to other First Ladies.

Comparing Hillary to other First Ladies.

Today Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton attended funeral services for former First Lady Betty Ford, who died on July 8 in California at age 93. Also attending was current First Lady Michelle Obama and former First Ladies Roselyn Carter and Nancy Reagan.

For more about Betty Ford’s funeral, click here.

Pundits often write about the special bond among former U.S. presidents. The same can be said about former first ladies. When Hillary Clinton became First Lady back in 1993, there was a great deal of speculation about how much she would change the role of First Lady. Indeed, she changed things, got bitten a few times about health care reform, and ended her role as First Lady in a somewhat more traditional role. Those of us who knew her realized that her time as First Lady was on the beginning of a long, distinguished public career.

In our story, Evolution, Not Revolution at Hillary Clinton’s White House, we compared the expectations for the new First Lady to the achievements of prior first ladies. They had a lot more in common than people realized.

Looking back over the story, I was pleased to note this about Mrs. Ford: “Betty Ford was such an active and enthusiastic supporter of ERA that picketers protested her involvement in front of the White House.”

You can read about Betty Ford, Hillary, and other First Ladies right here.

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