Curb your enthusiasm, Hillary!

Of course, I say this with all the sarcasm I can muster: Hillary needs to tone it down a bit! On the campaign trail she gets much too excited, is too passionate about her ideas, too passionate about running for president.

Yeah, right.

How else can we explain the latest New Hampshire poll that shows Bernie the Failed Socialist Sanders leading Hillary in the most recent Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll of Democrats? The most profound data coming from the survey is the revelation that voters would back Hillary if she got the nomination, but would do so “without enthusiasm.”

I lived in New Hampshire some 30+ years and can attest to the high percentage of nut-jobs in the state’s Democratic Party. The GOP ruled the state for so long, Dems thought they could say and think whatever they wanted because it just didn’t matter; they were going to lose, anyway.

But this is different. Yes, Sanders comes from neighboring Vermont, and my guess is that the Trump vision of a wall at the border separating Mexico from the U.S. would be more appropriate between Vermont and New Hampshire. We don’t speak the same language. The point, however, is that what Democrats in New Hampshire think does matter, at least this time. If given a compelling vision or cause to support, they will do so and do it enthusiastically.

Sanders has a vision. In fact, a review of his legislative accomplishments suggests that is all he has — a vision without deeds. Ask the “Black Lives Matter” group if Bernie has done much for them. On the other hand, his pseudo-socialist views play well at a time when people — especially young people — are sick of “the man” controlling their futures, ruining the planet, making them pay for their Internet connections. And Bernie knows this speech well enough to give it with enthusiasm and credibility.

Hillary, not so much. Sanders represents a movement that is attractive to young people. Hillary represents a scattering of ideas that seem just like more political goop (thanks, Gwenyth!). She seems tired, old, entitled, and too rich to be credible when she gives speeches about economic and political injustice.

It’s time for her to look more closely into her own heart and soul and discover what she really believes. I’ve followed her career for over 20 years and I don’t really know what she believes. What I do know is that reporting on her campaign is something of a snooze, and it’s been like that for months.

Wish I could write more today, but I need cup of coffee and an hour or two playing with my Flight Simulator.

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Frank Marafiote

Frank started the Hillary Clinton Quarterly in 1992 and has been "keeping up with Hillary" for more than 25 years. Recently retired, he worked in advertising and communications and also taught marketing courses several times a year for a local university.

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