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Gingrich still running against Hillary.

Newt GingrichWhy am I not surprised that leading the charge on the far right against Hillary is Newt Gingrich? You might remember that in 2008 there were some mumbles about Gingrich getting into the race on the GOP side so that he could take on Hillary.

Gingrich was wrong on three counts. First, no one in the GOP wanted someone with his sordid history representing Republicans. If he ran, he would lose the GOP primary. Second, he didn’t have the guts to take on Hillary directly, so he did what he does best — shoot spitballs from the back of the room. Third, in a very close primary race, Hillary did not get the nomination.

Now he’s a commentator on CNN, cable’s second least-watched news network. Gingrich is in his glory. He can say nearly anything he wants and no one will unelect him for doing so. Power without responsibility is his thing, and he has it on Crossfire.

So his first salvo against the woman he never challenged concerned Benghazi. He must be salivating over the GOP House decision to spend every waking moment undermining Hillary’s expected candidacy. Now Gingrich has the atrocities of Boko Haram to lay at Hillary’s feet.

While Gingrich’s pettiness and sordid history does not surprise me, what does surprise me is that this “history professor” is so willing to disregard facts and the complexity of international relations in order to swing at Hillary. His resentment of her and Bill Clinton must weigh around his neck like a dead whale.

A moment ago I wrote that Gingrich, as a commentator on CNN, has power without responsibility. But I take that back. He has no responsibility and no power. If anyone besides his immediate family and the producers at CNN took him seriously, he might actually have some power via the media. But he really doesn’t have that, either.

The truth is, the person with the real power is Hillary. To keep his mammoth ego from facing that reality, his only recourse is power by association. Perhaps if he goes after Hillary, people might think he has something worthwhile to say.

He doesn’t and never has.


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