House Benghazi Hearings

GOP can blame itself for irrelevance of Benghazi hearing.

Unless you’re a political junkie or a member of one of the two parties fighting over the “truth” about Benghazi, the GOP-led Benghazi hearing is irrelevant. The typical American voter can smell a partisan circus when it comes to town, and this one stinks badly enough that voters can’t get away from the tents fast enough. The only ones left to enjoy the show are the politicians and the journalists covering the event.

The main show is supposed to be Hillary Clinton. For the most part, however, she’s sitting on the sidelines while the committee chair, Republican Trey Gowdy, reassures everyone that there’s nothing political going on here, even though GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP legislators bragged that the hearings would cripple Hillary’s poll number.

The Democrats are dutifully doing their job as well, challenging every comment from GOP committee members and pointing fingers accusing them of a political hit job.

From the videos of the hearing, the only one in the room with both the decorum and insight needed to expose the truth and “learn lessons” from the Benghazi attack is Hillary Clinton.

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Frank Marafiote

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