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Hillary Clinton biographical timeline.

1947 October 26 — Hillary Diane Rodham is born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, to Dorothy and Hugh E. Rodham.

1962 — Attends Maine Township East High in Park Ridge, IL for three years.

1962 April 15 — Goes with church youth group to Chicago to hear Rev. Martin Luther King. Hillary’s minister, Don Jones, takes Hillary and others backstage where she meets Rev. King.

1964 — In the fall goes door-to-door for conservative presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

1965 — Graduates from Maine South High School in Park Ridge, IL.

1965 — Attends Wellesley College, an all-female college outside of Boston, and majors in political science and psychology. Elected president of the campus Republican Club.

1968 — Hilary watches on television as the Democratic Convention in Chicago disintegrates into chaos when thousands of anti-war protesters are attacked with tear gas and billy clubs. Rev. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinated. Protests grow against Vietnam War.

1968 — Before returning to Wellesley in September, Hillary meets with radical activist and community organization Saul Alinsky.

1968 — Writes her senior thesis about Saul Alinsky: “There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”

1969 May — Graduates from Wellesley College and becomes the first student to address the graduating class at commencement. Her criticism of the “official” speaker, Republican Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, landed an excerpt of her speech and her picture in Life magazine.

1969 — Attends Yale Law School In New Haven, Connecticut.

1970 Spring — Moves into small house with fellow Yale University Law student Bill Clinton.

1970 Summer — Works at Children’s Defense Fund.

1971 Summer — Works on migrant problems for Sen. Walter Mondale subcommittee.

1972 — Works on Sen. George McGovern’s presidential campaign.

1973 May — Receives Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School, where she served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. During her second year, she worked at the Yale Child Study Center.

1974 — Appointed to Staff of House Judiciary Committee during Watergate. Teaches at Univ. of Ark. Law School.

1975 October 11 — Hillary and Bill Clinton are married by Methodist minister Vic Nixon in a house Bill Clinton bought in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

1976 — Joins the Rose Law Firm. Bill Clinton elected Attorney General of Arkansas.

1977 — President Jimmy Carter appoints Hillary to the board of the Legal Services Corporation.

1978 — Appointed to board of the Legal Services Corp. Bill Clinton elected Governor of Arkansas.

1979 — Made full partner of the Rose Law Firm.

1980 February 27 — Daughter Chelsea Victoria born by caesarean at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock.

1980 — Bill Clinton defeated in re-election bid.

1982 — Bill Clinton again elected Governor.

1983 — Bill Clinton appoints Hillary head of the Arkansas Education Standards Committee.

1991 October 3 — Bill Clinton announces he is running for president.

1992 January 26 — Hillary and Bill Clinton appear on “60 Minutes” to respond to Jennifer Flowers story.

1992 — While campaigning in Chicago she defends her work for Bill’s presidential campaign by saying, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.”

1992 — Bill Clinton elected president with 43% of the vote.

1993 January 20 — Bill Clinton sworn in and Hillary becomes First Lady.

1993 January 25 — Bill Clinton names Hillary chair of health care task force.

1993 January — The Hillary Clinton Quarterly publishes its first issue. Hillary is the first First Lady to have her own national publication.

1994 April 22 — Holds “pretty in pink” press conference to refute charges that she was illegally involved in the “Whitewater” real estate deal.

1996 January 18 — It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Our Children Teach Us is published.

2000 — Elected to the U.S. Senate from New York def. Rep. Rick Lazio by 55% to 43%.

2001-2009 — As New York senator sponsored 363 bills between Jan 22, 2001. and Jan 14, 2009 of which 324 did not make it out of committee; 11 were successfully enacted. Hillary co-sponsored 1,530 bills during the same time period.

2002 October 11 — Votes “Yes” on U.S. Senate Iraq War Resolution

2003 June 9 — Living History is published.

2006 November 7 — Re-elected to US Senate from New York.

2007 January 20 — Announces the formation of a presidential exploratory committee

2007 January 21 — Hillary makes it official and launches her campaign for the presidency.

2008 June 7 — Ends campaign for US President. Following the final primaries on June 3, 2008, Obama had gained enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee.

2009 January 29 — Nominated by Barack Obama to be the 67th U.S. Secretary of State.

2010 January 16 — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Haiti to help with disaster relief

2010 May 21 — Warns of Consequences for North Korea following sinking of South Korean warship — “We cannot allow this attack on South Korea to go unanswered by the international community.”

2010 July 31 — Daughter Chelsea marries Marc Mezvinsky.

2013 January 21 — Attends Barack Obama’s second Inauguration.

2013 January 23 – Testified before Senate Foreign Relations Committee about attack at Benghazi.

2013 February 1 — Last day as U.S. Secretary of State.

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    1. I got to agree, I’m in fifth grade and I loved the timeline! It’s purely descriptive, and contains many facts that I added to my poster.

  1. She used the term “super predator” at the time that her husband was sexually harassing an intern, in the middle of settling a case of sexual harassment with Jones, had other allegations of rape and sexual harassment. So who is the super predator Hillary and why as such an accomplished person to you aide and abet this sexual super predator? She gave and gives two hoots about women’s rights. She clawed all over these women and women’s rights to get power. She and her husband are super predators.

    1. Thank you! All these accomplishments are for herself not for favors for us and certainly proves she wasn’t an advocate but for anyone else but herself. And Chelsea’s not Bill’s daughter but Web Hubbel’s daughter. She enjoyed experimenting with same sex in college and had Yoko Uno as a lover. She was able to bear the promiscuity going on with Bill under her new found leisure. And she’s had every single STD you can name and numerous abortions. Some role model. Yuk!

      1. People like you who have the intelligence of an amoeba should be made to in public, under oath, and under penalty of life in asshole prison, have each one of your horrible lies you just spewed repeated to you one by one. You must then reference the date and have at least 2 absolutely reputable sources be there to chronicle the proof of each vicious statement. If even one of these stupid, inane statements are not able to be proven 100% true, off you go, asshole, to live the rest of your miserable life with the thousands of other assholes who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Plus, and this IS the absolute truth, not one person is going to miss you or any of your new buddies!!

  2. One need only look at the historical events at times she was placed in a position,
    Who was NY Senator during Sep 11, SecState during Arab Spring & Benghazi, AR 1st Lady during those many state issues, FLOTUS for all those timeframe events, etc, etc, & etc? Too many issues to list all within her presence over many decades.
    Just not a generator of good US history…..always within some unusual happening
    Not one who needs be in the public interest positions anymore, I don’t think, too volatile, too disruptive, too suspicious…..too risky. Time to help let nature carry the old girl out to pasture where she has no role to attract any more bad outcome effects on us or our future…..time to close the chapter on that type era of twisted personal conduct. The USA has better potential than to be further quelled by her.

  3. Thank you for presenting this! I will use it to give my ESL students practice in reading and they will write answers to reading comprehension questions about the information in the timeline.

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