Hillary gets mugged (again) by the media.

Mrs. Clinton must be having a good laugh over this. Dirt that didn’t stick twenty years ago has been picked up and thrown at her again. How predictable and funny that Hillary gets mugged again by the same old rumors. The far right Hillary-haters couldn’t bring her down over Benghazi, couldn’t find mismanagement and scandal at State, so what’s left? Not much but some old rumors and very human reactions from a woman who was being attacked as first lady by nearly everyone.

Here are a few headlines and links from the latest go-round:

Hillary Clinton blamed ‘narcissistic loony tune’ Monica Lewinsky and herself for Bill Clinton’s Oval

As a sex scandal threatened Bill Clinton’s presidency, Hillary Clinton defended him despite his tryst with Monica Lewinsky — blaming the young intern, 

Hillary Clinton on Monica Lewinsky: ‘A narcissistic loony-toon.’ Will it matter?

Old papers are shedding new light on Hillary Clinton’s frame of mind during her husband’s presidency – and its many scandals. But the question 

Hillary Clinton dismissed Monica Lewinsky as a ‘narcissistic loony toon’

Washington: Hillary Clinton believed that her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was merely a “lapse”, dismissing the White House intern as a 

Is Hillary Clinton Blocking a New Generation of Democratic Leaders?

Hillary Clinton’s inevitability could mask her party’s long-term challenges.(Chet Susslin). Alex Seitz-Wald. By Alex Seitz-Wald · Follow on Twitter.

The shock of Hillary Clinton as ‘ruthless’

Here it is early 2014 — still almost three years away from a new presidency — but it’s high time to mention that Hillary Clinton was a “ruthless” first lady 

David Webb: Let Clinton burn out

There is always a risk in going early as a political candidate, because it can result in burnout with the voters. Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, former 

Melissa Harris-Perry and Rand Paul Agree on One Thing: Hillary Clinton’s “Appalling Choice”

What authority did Hillary Clinton really have, given her husband’s “predatory behavior” regarding a 20-year old White House intern? The attack is 

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