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Hillary’s girlfriends: out of the closet.

Hillary's girlfriends: out of the closet and into the rumor millEditor’s Note: The day that Hillary Clinton became First Lady, speculation about her sexual orientation started in earnest. That speculation has continued for at least the last 30 years. The truth is, we don’t know whether she is gay, straight, bi, or whatever. What is clear is that Hillary, at least politically if not personally, supports gay rights. Hillary’s Girlfriends is an article we published in 1993 about the rumors that Hillary was gay.

Hillary’s Girlfriends: Out of the Closet and Into the Rumor Mill

by Liza Featherstone for the Hillary Clinton Quarterly

With some justification, 1992 was billed as the “Year of the Woman”. There are more women senators and more women in executive-level positions of power than ever before. Riding the symbolic crest of it all, of course, is our own Hillary Rodham Clinton, taking the power and influence that a First Lady has always had, and acting as if she is entitled to exercise it.

Meanwhile, 1993 has been a historic year for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people. Bill Clinton declared his intentions to lift the military ban on homosexuals. Last April, the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Rights drew anywhere from 300,000 to a million people (the numbers are much disputed). An openly gay man, David Mixner, was appointed to a Cabinet-level position. A lesbian activist, Roberta Achtenberg, was appointed to be an assistant secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

These gains have not been met with equal enthusiasm by all. Indeed “family values” conservatives have lashed back at both Hillary and gay people. And, in a strange merging of far-right nightmares, Hillary, and two almost equally powerful women, Department of Health and Human Services head Donna Shalala and Attorney General Janet Reno are imagined to be lesbians. To quite different ends, some gay activist groups have also played around with these rumors.

Four years ago, in 1989, a controversy erupted at the University of Wisconsin, Madison over whether the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) should be allowed on campus. A substantial portion of the university’s liberal community thought that it should be banned, because ROTC, like the rest of the U.S. military, discriminates against gay men, lesbians and bisexual people. Donna Shalala, then University Chancellor (now head of the Department of Health and Human Services), opposed ROTC’s exclusionary policy, but did not want to risk losing state funding by angering the conservative citizens of the state of Wisconsin.

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Madison’s gay and lesbian activist groups were furious with her, particularly since she had long been rumored to be a lesbian. At an ACLU conference, activist Miriam Ben-Shalom called Shalala a lesbian. Ben-Shalom told the New Yorker, “I thought there was a great deal of hypocrisy in her position on the (ROTC) issue. I did not intentionally out her at the conference, but at the time I thought it was common knowledge that she was a lesbian, and I said that.”

When Shalala was named to Clinton’s cabinet last December, Queer Nation, a direct activist group, tried to out her at the press. According to Michael Petrelis of Queer Nation/Nation Capital, “We in the gay community need visibility. Closet cases like Shalala send the message that there is something shameful about being a lesbian.” Shalala told the Associated Press: “Have I lived an alternative lifestyle? The answer is no.” Her friends concur. Journalist Molly Ivins, a close friend of Shalala, told the New Yorker, “Donna’s interested in men. She’s very aware of what you have to give up to get ahead when you’re a woman.”

Despite these denials, not everyone is quite convinced. She has a review blurb on the back of the paperback edition of Rita Mae Brown’s lesbian coming-out, coming-of-age classic, Rubyfruit Jungle, That book is only famous because it is about lesbians. Either she is a lesbian, or she actively wants to be mistaken for one.



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Frank started the Hillary Clinton Quarterly in 1992 and has been "keeping up with Hillary" for more than 25 years. Recently retired, he worked in advertising and communications and also taught marketing courses several times a year for a local university.

52 thoughts on “Hillary’s girlfriends: out of the closet.”

  1. Funny. Lots of lesbians I know in DC think Shalala is a lesbian and some even think Hillary is. I seem to remember Shalala having a hot young lesbian be her dog walker when she lived in Georgetown.

    And DC is sprinkled with long time political lesbians, from Senator Barbara Mikulski to campaign organizer Donna Brazille, whom everyone in the LGTB community has dated, or hung out with at a lesbian party, etc., but who are closeted on TV.

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  3. Hilary is so gay. Its sort of disgraceful that she married, because she only did it to gain office. But thats her deal. I don’t care. But thats she let those people in Libya die, that I do care about.

    1. Selling out those pawns in Libya is just one of the atrocities Hildabeast has been responsible for over the years.


        Gennifer Flowers once asked wild Bill if Hillary was a lesbian (really bisexual as she was screwing BOTH of her law partners Vince Foster and big-lipped Webb Hubbell, who is probably the biological father of big-lipped Chelsea):

        “There’s something you need to know. I’ve been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman.” I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn’t believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny.

        “Honey,” he said, “she’s probably eaten more pussy than I have.” Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn’t really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him.

    2. I had a friend that was a cid agent and was sent to go guard her and said that it was common knowledge that she is gay. He would have to take her to go meet these women and wait till they were done and then take her back!

    3. IT is no secret that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. It did amaze me to find it all over the internet though. No wonder ole Bill went to messing around with Monica. Really folks, do want to put this piece of crap in the white House as our President?

    4. I guess to each his or her choice, but I could never be a lesbian. Would not want a lesbian for President. She would too busy behind closed doors with all the women working there. Wake up America, it’s bad enough she’s a democrat. much less a lesbian.,

      1. interesting “timing” that the former Atty General & one of Hillary’s supposed “lovers” just happens to die the night before elections?? could it be that she, like others, may have been “quietly silenced” so they couldn’t speak against the Clintons??

  4. The collective ignorance and tolerance of despicable behavior by the amerikahn people will be it’s doom soon. What a nation of unstudied idiots.

  5. Hildabeast has many problems, gay or bisexual are just minor ones. The woman is a bitter old socialist who missed her true opportunities of being a good wife, mother, politician and himan being.

  6. I don’t know who Hillary’s girlfriend is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Ellen DeGeneres
    I’m not implying that Hillary is homosexual, but rather bisexual. She certainly gives me that impression.

  7. “soft-spoken, reasoned tone of her presentation suggests….” When would you ever hear a male politician’s delivery analyzed that way?

    1. I’m not really getting your point, if you’re actually trying to make one. One way to interpret your question is that you think men cannot be soft-spoken and reasonable. Of course, they can and do. The more obvious interpretation is that my description belies some unfair, pro-woman agenda that men never get. If that’s the case, I don’t think that is true. My description of her video about gay rights is my opinion. If a male politician made a video that was also soft-spoken and reasoned, I’d describe it that way. Why wouldn’t I? If it matters, at the beginning of the 2008 campaign I called Hillary “shrill” and “annoying” because she always seemed to be shouting at campaign events (even though there was a microphone and people could hear her just fine).

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Yeesh. Just ask anyone who lived in Little Rock while “Billary” was governor and you’ll get the lowdown. And it ain’t pretty. I used to work with an honest, salt-of-the-earth who was one of their “staff” at the governor’s mansion and have heard the horror stories. It continually surprises me that the truth has not come out YET. Other candidates have been brought down by much less than what the Clintons have perpetrated.

  9. not a surprise to me. The BIG surprise is coming though. The fact is, she and Bill did Monica in the Whitehouse – TOGETHER! A nasty 3 some with that intern (and others too likely.) This why Hillary didn’t come unglued or divorce Bill over this issue – she was complicit. In fact – she flavored the cigars for him while she went down on this intern. Personally – I don’t care one way or the other – just wish she would be truthful on this episode – before the truth comes out another way. The tabloids already have the confessions – she better come clean or be held hostage by her past.

  10. this Hillary surge is aimed at bringing her down especially at this time of looking for votes,this is the time when the Clinton’s needs the a American people badly.

    1. Vicky…thank you! You are right. I don’t care if Hillary is perplexing, I do care that she is a liar fist class!

  11. Saying Hillary is for the LGBT is the BIGGEST LIE in the world, FACTS she repeatedly on camera say that she stands for “traditional marriage” until 2004 – She in her Clinton Foundation has received over 42 MILLION dollars from Saudi, Kuwait, Iraq and others that KILL and BEAT and JAIL LGBT – so WAKE up and stop drinking the demoCRAP cool-aid. she wants the money and she wants the votes, BUT INTELLIGENT people look at the FACTS!!

      1. Very little of the money saves lives. One of the charity watch dogs refuses to rate the charity. Most of the money is for “administrative costs.”

  12. Oh my…..look how far we have come in understanding Hillary. Today is July 25, 2016: reading over these posts from over the passed few years is nothing short of HILLARIOUS. Lies? How did she get away with all her numerous scandals and crimes….. by lying about them. So why has she not been driven from public life? This is perplexing, I know. But here is an old Chinese proverb that may help us to understand: “The truth is anything you wish to believe.”

  13. You can be a Queer if you be a male, or Lesbian if you be a woman. But if you be in public office you Must be one thing for sure and that is ..honest.. which is a character lacking in both the Clintons. Lying about sexual preference leads us the public to believe what else do, can, or have they lied about.

  14. You are A disgrace to this nation. How can you continue to lie to the United States of America. You cant even pick a decent honest assistant let alone run the White What a Joke!!!!!!!!

  15. my god jfk f–k everything ,bill clinton raped more then ten women, jefferson had black children, for, ike, had something pussy on the side. now hillery who loves to eat out women

  16. That’s old news Hillary,Bill and weiner are all pedophiles praying and using under age children for sex, Print It people need to know NOW!!! check wikki leaks

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