Hillary sets the record straight.

Hard Choices by Hillary ClintonAnyone who has followed Hillary’s career knows she is a favorite target for the GOP and countless others on the right end of the political spectrum. I’ve personally watched the attacks go on for at least 20 years, and I’m sure that we can go back to her Little Rock days and find much of the same thing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that her attackers are basically afraid of her. She has beat them at their own game time after time. She’s one of the most lethal adversaries a right-wing politician will ever face.

Her supporters are equally enthusiastic in their admiration for Hillary. She doesn’t quite walk on water, but some pro-Hillary types that I know probably believe she can.

Now her latest book, Hard Choices, tells her side of the story during her service as Secretary of State. You can expect conservative reviews to pan the book and Hillary. You can also expect progressives and other left-leaning pundits to write glowing reviews, and forget as we all sometimes do that reality is always sifted through our own unique perspective. Obviously, that goes for Hillary as well.

The best thing to do is to get your hands on your own copy of her book and read it. Don’t let others — including me — draw your conclusions for you. This is a task you need to do yourself.

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Frank Marafiote

Frank started the Hillary Clinton Quarterly in 1992 and has been "keeping up with Hillary" for more than 25 years. Recently retired, he worked in advertising and communications and also taught marketing courses several times a year for a local university.

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