Is Hillary’s voting rights position reckless?

voting rights

Hillarys Divisive, Reckless Rhetoric on Voting Rights
National Review Online
The late Saul Alinsky, the father of the community-organizing model that inspired both Hillary
Clinton and Barack Obama, would be delighted.

For Hillary Clinton, a defining moment – CNN
Hillary Clinton’s path to victory — not so narrow after all – Washington Post (blog)
Gov. Malloy Endorses Hillary Clinton for President – WNPR News

Hillary Clinton Tells Fight For 15: “We Need You”
BuzzFeed News
DETROIT — Hillary Clinton showed her most robust support yet for the national effort to raise pay for fast food workers, speaking by phone Sunday …

Scandals Only Make the Clintons Stronger
One has to wonder: When Republicans gathered earlier this year to scheme the defeat of Hillary Clinton, who was the genius who stood up and said, …

Clinton Family Foundation donated $100G to NYT group same year paper endorsed Hillary – Fox News
The Clinton Global Initiative Is Back, But Where Are the CEOs, the GOP, and Hillary? – Bloomberg
Hillary Clinton downplays personal ties in discussing US drug abuse – Malay Mail Online

Hillary Clinton aims to cash in with women donors
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is embracing the historic nature of her candidacy, and is attempting to cash in …

Why so many women are raising money for Hillary Clinton – Washington Post

Ralph Nader Blames Hillary Clinton’s Lady Bits for Her “Shocking” Militarism
Reason (blog)
On that last point, Nader contended “The total support of the military-industrial complex and empire by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is staggering.

The loyal — and discreet — political operative behind Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Palmieri was a White House communications director for the Obama Administration. Charles Dharapak ASSOCIATED PRESS …

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a grandmother. And?
Stars and Stripes
What fun, this speculation on whether Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new status as grandmother is going to suck the spunk right out of her. Consider this …

Hillary Clinton’s Stale Energy Policy Positions
American Thinker
The challenge in writing an objective review of Hillary Clinton’s positions on energy policy is finding information available for analysis. Clinton’s web …

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