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Media doesn’t hate Hillary enough.

If you read any of the conservative reviews of Hillary’s media blitz for her new book, Hard Choices, it’s rather obvious that they are not happy with the “grilling” the former Secretary of State is getting from the mainstream media. In  nutshell, there simply is not enough blood left on the floor to satisfy their craving for revenge. They tried to kill off both Bill and Hillary Clinton back in the 1990s, practically sent them back to the poor house in Little Rock, and are incredibly pissed that they not only managed to survive, they’ve thrived.

The Daily Beast pretty much sums up the coverage from the “hate-Hillary” crowd:

She (Hillary) knows what she wants. Does she want to be president? Will she run? The closest she got to answering that was “probably, likely” she’ll make and announce her decision next year. There’s a hot scoop. Sawyer asked, “Is the White House yours to lose?” and other good questions, but they hit a blank wall and fell splat.

Indeed, the questions were so generic, they seemed pre-asked, and not just because we’d heard them asked 100 times already in the promos. On Monday night, the answers proved just enough to be more than nothing, and not usually enough to be something.

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