No straight line for Hillary to the nomination.

AP announces Hillary wins nominationIt wasn’t always pretty and was sometimes darn right baffling, or inept, or just plain strategically tone-deaf, but Hillary’s campaign appears to have gotten it done and secured the Democratic nomination. According to the Associated Press, when superdelegates that recently switched to Hillary are included, the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State finally has won the democratic nomination.

Speaking as someone who worked on the street in New Hampshire for her campaign, I still have bitter memories of seeing her lead over Obama in 2008 disappear like fog drifting down wind from the Presidential Range into oblivion. I know some people always kept the faith and believed she would eventually win. The logical half of my brain assured me the Dems would never nominate a has-been Socialist like Sanders, and saw in Hillary a woman who was ready to run a country competently, humanely, effectively. But that other half of me – the half that got let down once before, and remembered her first attempt at healthcare, the messy marriage with Bill, the stonewalling about legitimate questions about her and Bill’s financial deals — that person was frightened it would all come undone again.

The one thing that kept me believing in the campaign was Hillary herself. She has not always surrounded herself with the best and the brightest. Trying to ignore Sanders when he first came after her was insane (Marketing Warfare: “ALL competitive moves must be blocked — and the sooner the better”). But I never doubted Hillary herself. However, they fucked it up, she would fix it. She always fixed other people’s messes. She will when she’s president.

Not sure about that? Go ask Bill Clinton.

Hillary and the LGBT community.

In a six-minute video, Hillary Clinton makes a strong case for same-sex marriage and support for the LGBT community on moral, legal, and personal grounds. She discusses her role as Secretary of State and “tough discussions” with world leaders about gay rights.

Although some people in the LGBT community remain critical of Hillary’s position, gay activist Dan Savage said that Sanders supporters should stop criticizing Hillary. Those guilty of ‘not taking yes for an answer,’ he alleges, are “fucking moronic.” Savage correctly points about that President Obama’s position on gay rights has evolved over time.

The soft-spoken, reasoned tone of Hillary’s presentation suggests that she has indeed thought a great deal about this issue, and is ready to lead the U.S. in the future to be the “beacon of hope” for human rights of all kinds.

Time for Bill Clinton to stand by his woman.

By not saying anything, Bill Clinton is letting Donald Trump make Hillary, by association, just another whore or slut doing service to Bill. If his past foul-mouthed behavior is any indicator, Trump will settle for that outcome and will continue to bring up Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky no matter what anyone says. He’s either decided that he’s already pissed off enough women that his continued potty-mouthed behavior will have no real negative consequences, or the infidelity attacks are the best way to defend attacks about his own immoral — actually, ammoral — behavior with women.

No matter what Trump’s intention, Bill Clinton needs to stand in front of Hillary and save her from his own bad past behavior. Does he owe her this? Damn right he does!

It’s time for Bill Clinton to stand by his woman. Most of us who have any sense of history already know the story and have gone through our disappointment with Bill and what he did to himself, Hillary, and the presidency. So Trump is not telling us something about Bill we don’t already know. (I would exclude millennials from that “in the know” group. It’s clear they don’t know diddly about anything, much less presidential history, and have been willing to hypocritically judge the Clintons. This, while they indiscriminately “hook up” with whomever is most convenient, showing less fidelity and concern for their partners than a rooster in a hen-house.

But that’s, perhaps, another post. . .)

Bill needs to say — as often as people will hear it — that this campaign is not about him. He knows his behavior was bad and he let people down. But Hillary is the Clinton running for president. He needs to say to Trump in front of as many people as possible, that if he wants to attack anyone it should be Bill. Leave Hillary out of it. To attack her for his mistakes is cowardly and shameful. Trump has also directly attacked Hillary for enabling Bill’s behavior. That may or may not be true. At the time I would have been happy to see her leave him, but there was Chelsea and also a progressive agenda that has always been one of Hillary’s priorities. So she had a tough choice to make.

Bill should say publicly and directed towards Trump, that most grownups know that couples facing a crises in their marriage have very hard choices to make. Each couple, each person, is unique in the way they respond to infidelity or other act of betrayal. He should say that if Trump is a grownup — though the evidence makes that a questionable assumption — again he is just being cowardly and shameful for attacking Hillary for a choice that any couple would have faced under the circumstances.

What surprises me right now is how Hillary’s campaign does not have an effective strategy for dealing with this. The only effective strategy is Bill Clinton himself — getting him to own what happened while he was president

I’ve said here that Bill Clinton’s affairs would always be an issue. Truth is, I have never been so disappointed in the personal behavior of a president I supported than I have Bill Clinton. I am not alone in this. Many people who will vote for his wife will know that they are putting back in the White House a man who let them down. Yes, he’s tried to make up for it — he deserves credit for that.

But what he needs now is to earn credit for protecting Hillary from Trump’s personal attacks — which is what Hillary did for Bill by “standing by her man.”

He owes as much to all of us.