Bill O'Reilly's Sex Scandal

Pervy O’Reilly says Hillary should sell teflon.

One of the great pleasures of watching American politics is seeing pundits and politicians who have been tainted by their own scandals attack others politicians and celebrities currently in the public eye.

This is the case with Bill O’Reilly, whose recent Fox News “Talking Points” lamented Hillary Clinton’s sky-high approval ratings with the American people.

Says O’Reilly —

It’s clear Americans are not holding her accountable. In a new Fox News poll 59 percent of Americans approve of Secretary Clinton’s job performance. Just 29 percent disapprove. So clearly the folks think she’s been effective running the State Department.

Clearly annoyed that the American people have been so misled about the Secretary of State’s performance over the past four years, the O”Reilly Factor host decided to bring up the controversial, unprovenallegation that Hillary got some special deal while dabbling in commodities trading when husband Bill Clinton was president.

What a smarmy, desperate move by O’Reilly. As noted, there has never been any proof to support this allegation. In fact, HCQ hired an experienced commodities trader to analyze her trades. His conclusion was that everything was above-board and that the reported profits were not at all unusual.

But here is O’Reilly, who can’t find anything substantive to use against Hillary, dredging up pure hearsay, an unsubstantiated accusation kept alive by far-right misogynists.  It is within this context that he says the Secretary should be advertising “teflon.”

Since he mentioned teflon and Hillary’s success at surviving — if not thriving — in the face of such fabrications, we should mention that Bill O’Reilly had a REAL scandal — proven, vetted, the subject of legal action.  The short version is that Bill is or was a chronic sexual predator. One of his associate producers, Andrea Mackris, sued O’Reilly for his criminal behavior.

This is how New York magazine summarized it —

Mackris, 33, alleged the blunt talking head urged her to “just use your vibrator to blow off steam” and bragged about his international sexual exploits, including, but not limited to, “a little short brown woman” in a Bali massage cabana, two “really wild” Scandinavian stewardesses, and a Thai-sex-show “backroom” special. O’Reilly allegedly touched himself while detailing a shower fantasy featuring Mackris and “that little loofah thing” but later in the call, evidently flustered, referred to the prop as a “falafel thing.”

Now how creepy is that! What a guy! Offering sex advice to his producer.

The magazine story goes on to note that O’Reilly’s ratings went up 30% after the story. It appears the far-right loons who watch his show actually believe that sexual harassment is a good thing, something to be rewarded. And all that adulation from the right has led him to think we have forgotten what he did.

No, Bill, we won’t forget. You’re a pervert.

The point, of course, is that if anyone out there besides Dick Morris should be selling teflon, it is O’Reilly. I mean, other than smug neo-cons, who can really watch this guy and not laugh at his self-righteous pretensions?

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