Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama

Some pundits think voters are fools.

As I was looking at today’s news stories about Hillary, this article from CNN popped into view. Give Glenn Beck credit for knowing how to generate publicity for himself. If you didn’t read or hear this, he is predicting that Hillary will be the next president. His spin on Hillary’s electability is that she harkens back to the “glory” days of the Clinton Administration. Well, of course.

Where the story gets funky is the idea from some “friends of Hillary” and media pundits that voters will consider her “Barack Three” if she runs and will therefore reject her.

They must think voters are fools. I don’t.

Most voters know that there are distinct differences between Hillary and Barack. Especially now, when foreign policy is such an important issue, they know that Hillary sees the world in quite different terms from the President.

She (or her staff) can also easily make the case that her primary battle with Barack Obama was based on strongly-felt differences in policy and style of governing. So if the GOP wants to make the case that Hillary would be giving Obama a third term, Hillary just has to roll out the media coverage of her attacking him back in 2008.

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