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Putin looking forward to Hillary’s retirement.

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Putin looking forward  to Hillary’s retirement.

In what amounts to one of the worst forms of journalistic character assassination, “Pravda,” long the voice of Russia’s power elite, is inferring that Hillary Clinton’s long-announced retirement at the end of President Obama’s first term is due to the deaths of State Department personnel in Libya.

“Hillary Clinton’s career ruined in Libya” is a news story that is more wishful thinking than fact. While 98% of their story focuses on the attack and State Department security lapses, there is no connection made, other than Russian hyperbole, that Hillary’s career has being “ruined” or that her retirement is due to the Libyan attack.

Keep in mind that Pravda is Putin’s personal newsletter to the world. No doubt he is happy to see a strong, principled, and respected voice like Hillary’s leaving the world stage. . .even if only for a short time. After all, this is a man willing to punish Russia’s hapless orphans in order to make political points with his Communist lackeys in Moscow.

  1. Gordon Chang: “The Europeans won’t follow.”. Thank God they won’t follow your ideas of what do do in Europe! That would be a disaster.

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