Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver

Sanders campaign tainted by dirty tricks.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver
Would you buy a used car from this man?

Last night I used the word “capitulate” to describe the response the DNC would have to the Sanders campaign lawsuit concerning the voter file data breach.

Funny, but that is precisely the word Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, used to describe the DNC’s about-face. Its first reaction was to cutoff the campaign’s access to the database until the campaign came clean about what it did, Sanders sued, and the DNC “capitulated” and reinstated access.

The Washington Post described Weaver’s reaction to the campaign victory this way —

In its statement, the Sanders campaign claimed the DNC had “capitulated” and committed an “about face” on a punishment that the Sanders team characterized as far over-reaching.

Since that initial reaction from Weaver, he has appeared on several news shows and is essentially blaming the DNC for the fact that his campaign staff stole Clinton voter files. Lawyers for the Sanders campaign alleged that the DNC “failed to implement reasonable data security measures.” I liked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s explanation of Weaver’s excuse: it’s as if you left the front door of your house open, so it’s OK if someone walks in and started stealing things.

Hillary’s campaign had a different take on the bungled database burglary.  “This was not an inadvertent glimpse into our data and it was not, as the Sanders campaign has described it, a mistake,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in a press call with reporters Friday afternoon.

The Huffington Post reports that audits of the NGP VAN program show that four accounts linked to Sanders made 24 separate efforts to save the Clinton data within the system and one effort to export the data to a spreadsheet.  Clinton’s press secretary tweeted after Sanders’ suit was filed that “if you are so proud of your grassroots organization, you should not need to resort to stealing campaign data.”

No matter how severe this crisis becomes two things are clear:

    1. The Sanders campaign is run by thieves and thugs and Jeff Weaver is its ringleader. Like many of Sanders’ supporters, Weaver will do anything, even “dirty tricks,” in order to win. It must also be acknowledged that Weaver was chosen by Bernie Sanders. That Sanders would put his “transformative” campaign in the hands of someone like Weaver tells us much about Sanders. He doesn’t know how to lead, and — as the saying goes — the fish rots from the head. He knew more about this than anyone, even the DNC, wants to admit.
    2. Sanders is losing and he will continue to dig an even deeper hole for himself. The Socialist party in the US disowned him, he comes from a lilly-white state and has no clue about minority issues (and no foreign policy experience either, it should be noted), he’s old, unattractive, and looks like a madman when he gives campaign speeches. We can now add Sandersgate to his list of deficits.

If Sanders had any dignity and really cared about America’s workers, he should first fire Jeff Weaver and then end his charade as a candidate. Only foolish, angry children are buying what he is selling.


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