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Sanders’ supporters need to grow up and take their medicine.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said Sanders staffers needed to be “held accountable” for accessing the data and that campaign would not regain access to the system until it agrees to participate in an independent audit and provides a full accounting of the incident.

“I’m baffled that they haven’t provided it,” she said.

“Certainly the vendor made a mistake. But people make mistakes leaving their front door unlocked also. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to go into their house and steal — and take — their stuff — which is what their campaign staff essentially did,” she added.

The Washington Post, 12/18/15

Since this story is all over the media, I’ll be brief:

  1. If Hillary’s campaign had done the same thing, the Sanders team and his supporters would be asking the Justice Department to file Federal racketeering charges against Hillary.
  2. Is anyone surprised that Sanders’ supporters — mostly whiny, over-privileged kids — are now complaining that the process is “rigged?” already has a petition out there and no doubt there will be street protests soon enough if the DNC doesn’t capitulate and give Sanders Hillary’s voting list.

As Wasserman-Schultz explains, no one in the Sanders campaign has yet to offer any accounting of what they believe really happened. My guess is that they won’t until forced to do so.

They cheated, they got caught, and now they want to be thanked for showing the DNC how vulnerable it is to cheaters.

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