Justin Bieber sexting Hillary Clinton

SNL and Bieber give “junk” new meaning.

How old is Justin Bieber?

How old is Lorne Michaels?

I believe Michaels is older than our former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But if his judgment is any clue, he is more Bieber’s peer than Hillary’s. Neither the song-boy nor the producer had much common sense this past Saturday.

I know that SNL is supposed to be irreverent. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is just stupid and predictable. The sketch in which Justin Bieber texts Hillary a photo of his “junk” falls into the stupid and predictable category.

The assumption in our capitalist society is that if you sell a zillion records and make zillions living off one TV show that you were either lucky enough or hapless enough to produce, you somehow have the same historical gravitas as a true American heroine like Hillary Clinton.

“Hey, I’m famous, too! Let’s Chill with Hill!”

C’mon. We know she likes to have fun, and if some reporter asks her about this show, she will make light of it. Unlike Bieber or Michaels, she has the common courtesy not to embarrass others if she can avoid it.

Boys you are not anywhere in the same category as she is. On the positive side, you’ve returned “junk” to its original meaning — something worthless, meaningless, meant to be discarded.

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Frank Marafiote

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