What Happened? Hillary’s book gets torched by the media.

Hillary's book
The press has been going after Hillary since 1992. Here she is defending herself during the Whitewater witch-hunt.

Hillary’s book is on sale. As expected, there are critics galore tearing her and the book apart.

In a nutshell, from our perspective here’s what happened in 2016:

While political pundits and the mainstream media were cowering in the back of the bus and kissing Donald Trump’s immense ass (i.e. ego), their real prey was a familiar one: Hillary Clinton.

The media has been trashing Hillary from the day she first set foot in the White House as First Lady. Anyone who has followed her career could have predicted that when she ran for president, starting with the 2008 primaries, the media’s gang rape would start anew.

If there was one reason I didn’t want her to run again in 2016, it was the spectacle of seeing her mercilessly attacked in the press while her opponent was given a pass despite his crude, dangerous, and misogynist behavior.

Do we really think that Hillary’s use of a private email server deserved the attention it got, while Trump’s “vagina groping” and psychopathic behavior was barely mentioned?

Along with the Russians, the FBI director, Sanders, and terrible advice from her campaign staff, Hillary can thank the media for helping Trump get elected.

Now that Hillary’s book, What Happened, is on bookshelves the media is doing what it always has done: reshaping facts and events to suit their bias against her. Nevermind that Hillary’s book is meant to portray her perspective on the campaign. Even as I write this, dozens of journalists are out there writing their own versions of what Hillary really thought, said, and did during the campaign.

Here are links to some current news stories and opinion pieces about Hillary and What Happened. I’ve tried to include a few positive, less prejudicial stories about her. No doubt you’ll find one or two that align with your own political prejudices.

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Roger Ailes asked HCQ to contribute to Fox.

The death today of Roger Ailes, former CEO and founder of Fox News, brought back some personal memories to the editor of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly.

It was in the early 90s before Fox News actually went on the air. Ailes called me, Frank Marafiote, because he had read in the papers that we were doing a newsletter about then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. There was an assumption among many in the media that our mission was to slander Hillary and promote some of the more outrageous stories coming out of Little Rock. (See our story, Sleaze for Sale).

Ailes, like others, assumed we were anti-Hillary and could offer his new news organization negative, “inside information” about her. Our phone conversation was very brief. I didn’t know Roger Ailes and Fox News back then was a non-entity. I had other things to do and politely (I assume I was polite) and declined the request to be contributor.

Given the antipathy I feel these days about the network of Sean Hannity and (formerly) Bill O’Reilly, it’s a relief to know HCQ was never a part of that journalistic cesspool.

Why Sanders supporters think he can win.

If you’ve ever wondered why Sanders supporters still think the Bern can win, watch “Bernie Math” from College Humor. #berniesanders #hillaryclinton