Trump’s severed head: Art for art’s sake?

They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No doubt some people will look at Kathy Griffin holding President Trump’s severed head and feel that it represents a form of justice. The killer of immigrant dreams, equal rights for women, people of color, and gay rights, is getting what he deserves, if only in their dreams.

We know about the others: they are disgusted, appalled, angry, etc. Griffin unintentionally gave her enemies a reason to tell the world how awful the lefties really are. Of course, they conveniently forget their own savage images of satire, as we can see here”

Michelle ObamaFrom my perspective, there’s nothing especially shocking or appalling about Griffin’s post on Twitter. I mean, are we really shocked or just tired of the juvenile games both sides are playing in social media. I’ve watched Griffin many times on CNN annoying the hell out of Anderson Cooper (who also proclaims his shock at Griffin’s attempt at humor. Something tells me, he’s tired of his sidekick and is happy to have an excuse for dumping her).

I’ve also watched some of her specials on cable. Truly, Kathy Griffin is neither shocking nor especially “wicked” in her comic presentations. Mostly, to reuse the word, she’s juvenile. As a whole, her work is bland, safe, and intellectually unchallenging. I watch her the way I would watch a hamster playing in his cage — somewhat bemused, a little bored, and hoping he might, for once, do something really interesting.

As for Trump’s severed head, the prospect of taking his head is not at all something I would pay to see or find ghastly. What I would pay to see is the terror on his face when the U.S. Congress impeaches his dumb, narcissistic ass, and sends him to Guantanamo for rehabilitation. No that would be a show worth watching!

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