Uber arrogance + David Plouffe = Predictable Nastiness

David Plouffe

So now we have this Silicon Valley start-up, Uber,  awash in negative publicity for threatening to investigate the backgrounds of journalists who say awful things about their company. In MediaPost’s Marketing Daily, they describe Uber as “the pin-up boy for an arrogant, megalomaniacal culture that is all too common in the tech world.”

What does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? Just this: the Senior VP of Communications at Uber is none other than David Plouffe. If you followed the 2008 primary battle between Obama and Hillary, you will remember that Obama’s communications strategist, David Plouffe, was the puppeteer who orchestrated most of the more unsavory, nasty tactics against Hillary.

If it is true that Uber is arrogant and megalomaniacal, then David Plouffe fits right in. It’s fair to say, given his performance attacking Hillary, that if the company did not have that culture when he arrived, he would have created it himself.

Thus far, he’s had nothing to say about the media storm surrounding his company.

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Frank Marafiote

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