Roger Ailes started Fox News

Roger Ailes asked HCQ to contribute to Fox.

The death today of Roger Ailes, former CEO and founder of Fox News, brought back some personal memories to the editor of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly.

It was in the early 90s before Fox News actually went on the air. Ailes called me, Frank Marafiote, because he had read in the papers that we were doing a newsletter about then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. There was an assumption among many in the media that our mission was to slander Hillary and promote some of the more outrageous stories coming out of Little Rock. (See our story, Sleaze for Sale).

Ailes, like others, assumed we were anti-Hillary and could offer his new news organization negative, “inside information” about her. Our phone conversation was very brief. I didn’t know Roger Ailes and Fox News back then was a non-entity. I had other things to do and politely (I assume I was polite) and declined the request to be contributor.

Given the antipathy I feel these days about the network of Sean Hannity and (formerly) Bill O’Reilly, it’s a relief to know HCQ was never a part of that journalistic cesspool.

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Frank Marafiote

Frank started the Hillary Clinton Quarterly in 1992 and has been "keeping up with Hillary" for more than 25 years. Recently retired, he worked in advertising and communications and also taught marketing courses several times a year for a local university.

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