Hillary’s new book unleashes fresh attacks from Democrats.

Hillary's new book about the campaign sets the record straight.Many of the Clintons’ most rabid enemies are not Republicans. They are fellow travelers, Democrats, who have long resented Bill and Hillary’s success, their intelligence, the network of supporters they grew from scratch, and — most galling to the left — the Clintons’ talent at turning practical Democratic principles into votes on election day. Hillary’s new book gives the saboteurs a new reason to whack her on the knees.

Yeah, I’ll get to the most recent “election day” in a moment, but what’s on my mind today is the pattern of resentment that began from the moment she entered the White House as First Lady, to her concession speech last November.

Back then I wrote an article for the Quarterly, “Women Who Hate Hillary.” I wrote that she was too smart, too accomplished, too attractive for many other women — especially professional women — to accept, much less admire. Most of what I wrote back then was tongue in cheek, but 20 years later I think it was closer to the truth than I realized at the time. The only difference today is that the resentment is not gender-based. There are certainly enough men among the Hillary-haters crowd to say we have reach gender equality.

Let’s be honest and admit that there are numerous theories about why she lost to Donald Trump. Trump thinks Hillary lost because he was a great candidate. Many think she lost because she was a terrible candidate. Within that spectrum, we can point fingers at the FBI director, the Russians, Bernie and his band of lefties, the media that ran scared at the sight of Trump, an Obama backlash, bad advice from her campaign team, and Democratic party regulars who were intent on doing as little as they could to help the woman they resented for so long.

My take is that all those reasons — excuses, really — have some merit (except the first, sorry Mr. President). My personal animus is directed more towards Sanders than anyone else, but that’s just me and I don’t pretend to be very objective about it.

So now Hillary wants to discuss the campaign from her perspective. The losing candidate, a woman who broke more glass ceilings for women than anyone else in our political history, wants to write about her campaign. Heaven help us!

The smug egotists on the far left don’t want to hear from her anymore. Though she won the popular election by several million votes, they want her to just fade away like an old soldier and not talk about losing an election she could have or should have won. They say her continued appearance in the limelight will ruin any chances they have in 2020.

To them I say, “Too bad!”

Their endless bad-mouthing of Hillary speaks volumes about their real priority. We have a demented, erratic president who is an embarrassment to our democracy and a threat to the civil liberties of all Americans, not to mention a danger to the world. Instead of saying “Hillary was right” and giving her credit for that, they blame her. Of course, that would mean that their own political ideology comes first; Hillary, the country, and ultimately the fate of the Democratic party are all at the end of the line.

The Hillary-haters don’t understand how much they need her. The reason is simple: left to their own twisted view of reality, in 2020 they will give us the Democratic version of Donald Trump: an extremist ideologue who doesn’t know how to bring two sides of an argument into the same room and hammer out a compromise when one is needed. To them compromise is a dirty word, forgetting that our electorate is so diverse demographically and politically, that compromise is the only way to accomplish anything in Washington. Just ask Bill Clinton.

If their chances in 2020 are ruined, it will have nothing to do with Hillary or her new book, although I am certain they would find a reason to blame her if they fail. My fear is that the 2016 campaign will be an excuse to move even farther to the left. Assuming they are really concerned about the next set of elections, I suggest that they focus on the current occupant of the White House and the fascists who support him.

Hillary’s not the enemy. Nor is Bill Clinton. If they want to find the real enemy of their success, they just have to look in the mirror.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s high school yearbook.

Ever since 1965, when Hillary Rodham graduated from a brand-new high school in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois, the school’s first yearbook has provided advance clues about the First Lady. For anyone who scanned the book’s eight appealing photos documenting her trail of tireless activities, it should be no surprise she’s now a White House public affairs activist in the tradition of Eleanor Roosevelt.

After three years in Park Ridge’s “Maine Township East High,” Hillary was redistricted into newly-built Maine South High, for her 1964-65 senior year. During that year her combination of socially-conscious youth activities at First United Methodist Church, earning A’s in a high quality academic program, and the plethora of extra-curricular activities reported here must have produced a weekly schedule as tight as a political campaigner’s. But in the fall of 1964 she also found time to go door-to-door for Barry Goldwater—the last Republican Presidential contender she was to support (followed in 1968 first by Eugene McCarthy and then by Hubert Humphrey).

Turning the pages of the handsome black-and-gold-bound yearbook, entitled Eyrie (meaning the lofty dwelling of a large bird), you find a blonde, confidently smiling Hillary on numerous pages.

On page 24 the headline reads: “Student Council Committee Chairmen — Student Council had several major committees: Organizations, headed by Hillary Rodham. . . chartered clubs and organized a system for electing Student Council officers. . .” (One of Hillary’s first four biographies reports that she lost an election for the Student Council presidency before being elected chair of the organizations committee.)

Page 54: “National Honor Society Seniors Elected (while still juniors, in 1964). . . Juniors had to be in the top five per cent of their class with no grade lower than B. . .Students are chosen by the faculty and Mrs. Farmer, sponsor, on the basis of service and leadership.” (Photo not shown.)

Page 55: “Brotherhood Society. . . Maine South’s Brotherhood Society was composed of 24 students: three boys and three girls from each class. Members were chosen by their respective classes on the basis of their friendliness, school spirit, goodwill, and service. In April the society gave an all-school dance in order to sponsor speakers for future brotherhood assemblies.” (Photo not shown.)

Ironically, Maine South had but one Black student, one of Hillary’s classmates recalls. The United Methodist youth minister, Rev. Don Jones, sought to widen his flock’s horizons through social service projects and by taking youth group members into Chicago for discussions with Black and Hispanic youth, and for events like an Orchestra Hall lecture by Martin Luther King. There Hillary and others met Dr. King, about the same time Arkansas high school student Bill Clinton was meeting John F. Kennedy on the White House lawn.

Page 56: “National Merit Finalists. . . Eleven seniors set a fine precedent for Maine South by being selected as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. These students ranked in the upper one-half of one per cent of all high school seniors on tests taken in March of 1964. As finalists, they are eligible for one of the 1600 scholarships offered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.” (Hillary applied to Wellesley and Smith colleges, partly due to encouragement by two young graduates who were teaching that year at Maine South. She was accepted by both schools, and chose Wellesley.)

Page 58: “It’s Academic. . . Maine South’s television debut on ‘It’s Academic’ was quite a success. Ellen Press, Art Curtis, and Steve Karina defeated students from Antioch and Aurora Madonna in the first round, and hoped to continue their success in the following contests.” (On another occasion Hillary and five classmates were on television discussing “teenage values.”)

Page 93: “Senior Leaders. . . Sophomore boys and girls who show exceptional ability in physical education may apply for the junior leader program. . . The girls are proficient in tennis, golf, modern dance, field hockey, track and field, baseball, badminton, volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics. Leadership and the ability to get along with others are also important factors in the selection of trainees. . . Senior leaders, who had completed the training phase of the program in their junior year, were assigned to one class where they served as assistants to the physical education teachers. Their skills and training provided invaluable aid to both the students and the busy gym teacher.” (Photo not shown.)

Page 126: “Student Council Representatives.” (Hillary was one of 23 pictured. The graduating class had some 575 members.)

Page 152: “Class of 1965. . . Hillary Rodham: Class Council: 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3; Class Newspaper: 2; Girls’ Athletic Association: 1; Gym Leader: 3, 4; National Honor Society: 3, 4; Pep Club: 1, 2, 3; Science Award: 2; Speech Activities and Debate: 2; Spring Musical: 2; Student Council: 2, 3, 4; Cultural Values Committee: 3; Organizations Committee: 2, 3, 4, Chairman, 3, 4; Variety Show: 2.” (Numbers refer to first through fourth years of high school.)

Written by Dr. Doug Kelly and published in the August, 1994, issue of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly.