Sarandon would vote for Trump over Hillary.

Here’s a recent video of Susan Sarandon telling MSNBC that she could never bring herself to support Hillary and might even vote for Trump instead.

She says she wants a real revolution. I totally get it that young people want their revolution and will overlook anything (common sense?) to support Bernie Sanders. I get it because I supported George McGovern and couldn’t care what anyone else had to say about the 1972 election. I was as dumb, blind, and idealistic as young people are supposed to be. As far as I was concerned, anyone except George was a sell-out, part of the problem, not the solution.

Of course, McGovern got blown away by Nixon in one of the biggest defeats in presidential campaign history.

So, Bernie’s kids I understand and admire in many ways. But Sarandon? She’s supposed to be an adult. She’s what — 70 years old or thereabouts? I wonder if Trump’s threat yesterday to “punish” women who have an abortion might help the actress see things in a different light?

Here’s what she said to MSNBC:

Rather than do my little lecture about the reality of American politics and the difference between having an idealistic plan and actually governing, let me call on John Lennon to help Sarandon see the light:

John sings "Revolution" for Susan Sarandon







You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free your mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
All right, all right
All right, all right, all right
All right, all right, all right

New Hampshire Democrats: Syrup sucking squirrel watchers?

Bill Clinton was in town the other day and reiterated his support for New Hampshire’s current primary status. Taking the liberty of speaking for his wife as well, he said he opposed adding another caucus or primary between Iowa and New Hampshire.

The people in this state who have any real interest in the political scene need to brace themselves: sooner or later, New Hampshire will be relegated to the political back row where most people think it belongs.

It must have been 20 years ago that I listened to one of the SNL news commentators rant about New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary status. To paraphrase, he wondered why the fate of the Union should be left to a bunch of “syrup sucking squirrel watchers?”

It was a good question. And very funny. I think I rolled off the sofa laughing so hard that I hurt my stomach. In any case, that probably wasn’t the first shot over the bow, but there have been many more since then. Call it unrelenting.

The New Hampshire primary works. “Retail politics” has a place in our electoral system and New Hampshire is the best example of it. It matters that voters can go to a primary “event” and meet a candidate drinking a Coke in someone’s backyard along with a grand total of six other voters and ask a question about health care or Iran and get a response that is not entirely scripted or weenied into a meaningless TV sound bite.

That opportunity certainly means something to me, and it means a great deal to many other voters in the Granite State. I realize that it must seem merely quaint to outsiders, a relic of a political process that started dying the day political consultants realized they could swing more votes via the mass media than by shaking cold New Hampshire hands or kissing our colicky babies.

Like the unrelenting floodwaters that pounded us last spring and summer, the pinky ring crowd, the media moguls and political consultants will not go away. It is inevitable that the damn will give way and that New Hampshire’s political clout will be washed into the mainstream and be lost forever.

It would be a damn shame if we let that happen.

GOP can blame itself for irrelevance of Benghazi hearing.

Unless you’re a political junkie or a member of one of the two parties fighting over the “truth” about Benghazi, the GOP-led Benghazi hearing is irrelevant. The typical American voter can smell a partisan circus when it comes to town, and this one stinks badly enough that voters can’t get away from the tents fast enough. The only ones left to enjoy the show are the politicians and the journalists covering the event.

The main show is supposed to be Hillary Clinton. For the most part, however, she’s sitting on the sidelines while the committee chair, Republican Trey Gowdy, reassures everyone that there’s nothing political going on here, even though GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP legislators bragged that the hearings would cripple Hillary’s poll number.

The Democrats are dutifully doing their job as well, challenging every comment from GOP committee members and pointing fingers accusing them of a political hit job.

From the videos of the hearing, the only one in the room with both the decorum and insight needed to expose the truth and “learn lessons” from the Benghazi attack is Hillary Clinton.