Embarrassing Hillary Clinton-Colbert skit.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I watched about two minutes of Hillary’s appearance on The Colbert Report and had to turn it off. As a pro-Hillary Clinton blogger, I guess I should have laughed along with everyone else. I know she has a sense of humor and it’s been good to see that her persona has gotten deeper and more realistic in the media.

After writing about her for 20 years, the problem is that I don’t think Hillary is funny. She can be fun, she can laugh at a good joke (especially if it’s about her), and there have been a few unscripted, spontaneous moments when she has said or done something funny.

But going on a comedy show and basically doing a skit is not the same thing. I felt the same kind of embarrassment that my young students might feel if I tried to appear “cool” in the classroom. It just wouldn’t work. I’m not cool and Hillary is not funny.

Someone enjoyed the Colbert skit, I suppose. Maybe Hillary Clinton? Colbert? The media?


Did Hillary get a face lift? Leave it to Fox News to ask.

After seeing Hillary’s “glamorous new face” on her new web site, the fair and impartial news crew at Fox News wondered if the former Secretary of State had gotten a face life in order to look younger for a presidential run.

Our speculation is that Hillary finally got the sleep she’s needed for the past four years.


The media’s coronation of Hillary for 2016 might backfire – again.

After following her career in print and on the campaign trail for so many years, nothing would make me happier than to see Hillary Clinton make another run for the White House — and win this time. But Hillary’s coronation four years before the campaign begins positively scares me to death!

Here are two pieces from CNN today — both pretty much setting her up as the “inevitable” Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

Joe, make way for Hillary.
Photos: Hillary Clinton through the years.

Back in 2008 she was a “lock” to get the nomination and someone many of us had never heard of challenged her and won. Americans love underdogs — that is one reason why Barack Obama beat the heavily favored Hillary. Please, let’s not “assume” anything. She needs to play this like she is earning the nomination, not accepting it based on past accomplishments.

To paraphrase, those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.