Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during 2008 campaign.

Chelsea Clinton says goodbye to NBC and $600K salary.

Chelsea Clinton has announced that she will no longer being “playing” journalist on NBC News.

According to the NY Daily News, she is leaving to focus on her work for the Clinton Foundation and her role as mother for her first child. Presumably, she will also be focused on her mother’s campaign for president.

Many in the news business were surprised to learn that NBC News was paying Chelsea $600K annually. In fact, that information has been out in the public for months.

In her role as NBC correspondent, she only filed a handful of stories for the network. By and large, her work was unimpressive, if not boring. Chelsea, unfortunately, reads news in a sleepy monotone. It’s best that she move on to other career opportunities.

Gun owners might prefer Palin over Hillary!

Gun owners against Hillary Clinton? That’s a surprise?

On the web site/forum “Guns Tips and Talk,” several commenters had less than flattering things to say about the former secretary of state. In all candor, the quote they picked about Hillary’s explanation of her accomplishments at State is not the most elegant or persuasive.

If gun owners as a group oppose Hillary, that will surprise no one. But if there is another message in the quote from Hillary is that she needs to do a better job of articulating her accomplishments and strategy. Give her time and I’m sure she will find a more articulate way to describe her accomplishments.

Relative to guns as an issue, Hillary is something of a moderate. Here’s what she said about guns and gun control back in 2008:

I respect the Second Amendment. I respect the rights of lawful gun owners to own guns, to use their guns, but I also believe that most lawful gun owners whom I have spoken with for many years across our country also want to be sure that we keep those guns out of the wrong hands. And as president, I will work to try to bridge this divide, which I think has been polarizing and, frankly, doesn’t reflect the common sense of the American people. We will strike the right balance to protect the constitutional right but to give people the feeling & the reality that they will be protected from guns in the wrong hands.

If you believe as a large segment of gun owners do that there should be no restriction whatever, then her position is problematic. On the other hand, most Americans would agree with her comments above.

The other point worth mentioning is that the deluge of criticism about Hillary’s foreign policy experience and decision-making is just starting. Expect to read a lot more of it. Nothing could be more of a target than a former Secretary of State. I’m having a hard time coming up with the name of someone who held that position and retired unscathed by history or critiqued by those with different political philosophies.

Hillary and Lavrov push reset button.

Someone needs to remind Mitt Romney that he lost the election.

According to a report from Business Insider, the failed GOP candidate for president in 2012 has taken time out of his “busy” schedule to ridicule Hillary Clinton for pushing the metaphorical “reset button” on our relationship with Russia.

Mitt was never Secretary of State. He was never President. Wasn’t he a governor somewhere down south? Oh, yes, Massachusetts.

Given that track record, he’s in no position to critique Hillary’s foreign policy expertise. There are many decisions that presidents and secretaries of state make that look, in retrospect, like the wrong decision. Give me the name of one president in the last 100 years who never made a foreign policy mistake, or a secretary of state who never gave bad advice or made a questionable choice. Can’t think of one? Neither can I.

It’s possible, as well, that the “reset” position was the right one to take. What did we lose by starting off in a positive direction with Russia — at least trying to?

It comes with the territory and criticizing Hillary is a cowardly, cheap shot from Romney. Or may it was just Mrs. Romney who put him up to it.